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You Matter Always (YMA) is a mental health and wellbeing initiative that consists of numerous elements: tools for wellbeing, peer support, individualised connection cards, workshops, training and more. It adopts a strengths-based approach to all that it is and strives to be. It recognises that people are the experts in their own lives and have assets than can be built upon to reach their goals and manage aspects of their own health and wellbeing. The foundations of YMA were built on the wise words of Dr Maya Angelou who states that: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

YMA aims to help you feel valued, included, appreciated, and encouraged by providing means for CONVERSATION, CONNECTION, INCLUSION, SELF-DISCOVERY, and PERSONAL GROWTH. It appreciates the significance of peer support and education and endeavours to provide a space where people feel accepted and understood. A space which is built on shared personal experiences and empathy - one which focuses on strengths and works towards individual and collective wellbeing and recovery/rediscovery. A space which recognises that attitudes and behaviours can be changed, more readily, when we learn from each other. CHANGED PEOPLE CHANGE PEOPLE!

YMA appreciates that people do not always need advice. Sometimes, they just need a listening ear, a heart that cares and a mind that understands. It is about knowing that your THOUGHTS matter, your FEELINGS matter, your VOICE matters, your STORY matters and your LIFE matters…ALWAYS!

Come on in. YMA is here for you.

Wellbeing Scotland

Y is for YOU because you matter always
O is for the OBSTACLES that you conquer most days
U is for your UNWAVERING hope and strength

M is for MOVING FORWARD at any length
A is for ALWAYS trying your best
T is for TAKING some TIME to rest
T is also a THANKS to all of you
E is for EVERYTHING that you say and do
R is for the RESILIENCE that you have within

A is ACKNOWLEDGEMENT for not giving in
L is for LEARNING to accept who you are
W is for WANTING to help near or far
A is for ALL of your strengths and potential
Y is for your KINDNESS which is quintessential
S is for your STORIES being influential

Wellbeing Scotland

I have only met Suzie briefly and this woman is amazing. Always there to listen, understanding and supportive in every way. She is incredible and this service is extraordinary in every way.

Suzanne, with her 'You Matter Always' project has found a way to communicate to all people, with creativity and empathy, that positive self-regard and self-worth are essential tools in helping someone find their way back to recovery.

A great initiative with fantastic support to those who follow and giving so much each day helping us stay positive and thoughtful for each other. YMA sees us through the toughest times.

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